Deux Solos

by Nacera & Dalila Belaza


Deux Solos, a dance production by Nacera and Dalila Belaza based on research into ritual and sacred dances in relation to contemporary dance in Europe. The two solo pieces are presented as one.
To query the body for twenty years as I did in fact amounts to probe human nature itself. Imagining that one being is able to contain all the possibilities of being, as if being "oneself" ultimately was an option among an infinity of being. During this work and this research, I have had the very clear feeling that I was fitting together the pieces of a "puzzle" within which each of my pieces represents one facet of a whole that would be Human Nature; each piece was an extreme and final choice to put down roots in different locations of a poetic landscape:

  • Tirelessly and endlessly repeat the same movement (Le Cri [The Scream])
  • Life as a straight road with no escape possible, punctuated by the flow of a dilated time (Les Sentinelles [The Sentinels])
  • The ephemeral feeling of living a moment freed from its fears, its physical constraints, by renouncing being "oneself" to become the "whole" (Le Temps scellé [Time Sealed])

“Each of these images led to a work, each work was a whole lifetime, so each of my works is a challenge above all to myself, as if I had tried to live what I was not destined to live, lives made possible by artistic creation.
After adopting the form of a duo for twenty years, I wanted the next work to take that of two solos; a way of experiencing with more clarity the vacuum around oneself, all around, because until then the connection with the public has, somehow, always gone through the link to the other performer, my sister.
These solos are a way to increase, heighten the sense of loneliness, because it seems that the more one embraces one's own solitude, the more one welcomes the world within oneself. For me, the starting point of a solo is not to put a being on stage who is about to "tell", "perform" a choreography but rather consists in giving the most radical interpretation of one's own loneliness. Basically, it means "I AM ALONE", and the form that will dress up this message should never be a diversion. Instead, it should clarify as correctly as possible this final act of being alone in the world.” (Nacera Belaza)

This production can be presented in combination with a.o. a quatuor of 4 Algerian dancers (total duration: 90 minutes).

The première of these production  is on the Festival d’Avignon in July 2012.

Choreografy & dance: Nacera Belaza & Dalila Belaza

Production : Compagnie Nacera Belaza

in cooperation with Moussem

With the support of the European Union