The “Arabic-European Literary saloon”is a literary production of Re:Orient (SE) and Moussem (BE)

Curated by Taha Adnan (BE) and Cecilia Hörnel-Sunar (SE) with 3 former winners of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (the Arabic Booker Price) accompanied by improvisatory music from Moussa Elias (SE) at 6 different locations with each time local moderators and authors. Based on the secular tradition of the Al-Majalis Al-Adabiya as the Majlis of Sukaïna Bent Al Hussein (671-739) and the Andalusian Wallada Bent al-Mustakfi (11th Century in Cordoba), this saloon is a unique opportunity to discover writers and poets with an Arabic background in Europe and the rest of the world. The International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) is one of the most prestigious and important literary prizes in the Arab world. Its aim is to reward excellence in contemporary Arabic creative writing and to encourage the readership of high quality Arabic literature internationally through the translation and publication of winning and shortlisted novels in other major languages.

For the saloon 2013 the invited former winners are
Youssef Ziedan from Egypt with Azazel,
Raja Alem from Saudi Arabia with The Dove’s Necklace and
Mohamed Achaari from Morocco with The Arch and the Butterfly.
This saloon will on the one hand translate pieces of their works and read them in public in the local languages (Swedish, Dutch, French and Spanish) as a contribution to a contemporary global canon and on the other hand reflect on this new universal literature.
Mousa Elias, ud-player and composer, member of the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm will improvise music at each place within a composition framework where the melody will be prepared to underline the lyrics to be read. Together with the percussionist Robert Ikis, he will deliver a moving performance.
The saloon 2013 will travel from the north to the south of Europe. It will start at the 18th of April in the beautiful Stockholm Sodra Teatern to end on the 24th of April in the historical city of Cordoba:

Thursday 18/04/2013 Stockholm (SE) at Södra Teatern

Friday 19/04/2013 Malmö (SE) at Mariskapaviljongen

Sunday 21/04/2013 Brussels (BE) at Flagey

Monday 22/04/2013 Amsterdam (NL) at De Brakke Grond

Tuesday 23/04/2013 Madrid (ES) at Casa Arabe

Wednesday 24/04/2013 Cordoba (ES) at Casa Arabe

Also in collaboration with Casa Arabe, deBuren, De Brakke Grond