"Masculines” an international dance production directed by Héla Fattoumi (FR) and Eric Lamoureux (FR), directors of the CCNC/BN, about Orientalism.

"Masculines" is based on their original and innovative project “here and somewhere else” and former productions ‘Manta’ and ‘Lost in Burqa’. Beyond a reflection on the European canon this production questions the imprisoning image of oriental women as phantasm in the imaginary of occidental men. Seven strong female dancers on stage will uncover their veil and give their bodies the space for a contemporary dynamic emancipation. In their common journey Fattoumi and Lamoureux took regularly themes from the Arab-Muslim world for a better understanding today’s world. For this creation they reverse the subject in the reflecting framework of thinkers like Fatima Mernissi whose intellectual discourse is to cross the feminine representations by men from one boarder of the Mediterranean  to another. She questions the problems of women of the Maghreb with an efficient dialectic that questions also the so-called liberty of the Western women. Those reflections lead them to the sources of Orientalism and its representations of the omnipresent Women. In fact the image of the oriental women is made by an occidental male view on the women as an object of desire that gives herself away. Fattoumi and Lamoureux starts from two masterpieces of Ingres: “La grande odalisque” from 1814 and “Le Bain turc” from 1862, compositions full of arabesques and diabolic voluptuous images where women are really exhibited as slaves in a harem. In this way erotic is born from the view of male on imprisoned women. In this framework the play of the body will be given as much room as possible in its expressing potentialities to abolish the stereotypes. Bringing the women in a vertical position, focusing on the virility of the women, accelerate their movements, de-veil them: all these actions will give women a more divers and contrasting image trough the choreography.

Chorographie: Hèla Fattoumi/ Éric Lamoureux
Dance: Marine Chesnais, Lea Dodik, Sandrine Kolassa, Johanna Mandonnet, Clémentine Maubon, Alissa Shiraishi, Nele Suisalu
Sound: Éric Lamoureux
Collaboration: Jean-Noël Françoise
Light: Xavier Lazarine
Design costumes: Laurence Chalou
Production: Chorégraphique National de Caen/Basse-Normandie (CCNC/BN)
Coproduction Arsenal - Metz en Scènes, NorrlandsOperan (SE), Mâcon-Scène nationale, théâtre de Caen, (BE)

Tour 2013
11&12/01              CREATION Arsenal de Metz
15/01                     L’apostrophe, Scène nationale de Cergy-Pontoise & Val d’Oise
24&25/01              Espace 1789, Saint-Ouen
31/01                                     Le Carré magique - Pôle national des arts du cirque en Bretagne, Lannion-Trégor
12/02                     Le Préau, Centre Dramatique Régional, Vire
26/02                     Scène nationale, Cavaillon, 35e Festival Les Hivernales
8/03                       Scène nationale, Évreux-Louviers
15/03                     Scène nationale, Mâcon, Drôles de dames
20&21/03              théâtre de Caen, Festival Danse d’Ailleurs#7
6/04                       Théâtre Louis Aragon – Scène conventionnée pour la danse, Tremblay-en-France
15/04                     Le Fanal - Scène nationale, Saint-Nazaire
17/04                     l’ONYX – La Carrière - Scène conventionnée danse, Saint-Herblain
8/05                       NorrlandsOperan, Umeä (SE), MADE Festival
22/05                     Espace Malraux – Scène nationale, Chambéry
JUNE                     Shubbak Festival, Londres (UK) (tbc)
Festival Automne en Normandie (tbc)
Le Trident - Scène nationale, Cherbourg-Octeville (tbc)
Tour in Belgium (tbc)

JANUARY 2014 le phénix - Scène nationale, Valenciennes (tbc)