Scenario of Love

by Hassan Khayoon


Drawing on a script by Aoutif Naim, Hassan Khayoon (BE) works with Ala Houssein and Rayam Al Jazairi (SE) on a play about their experiences during the war of the USA against Iraq: a housewife and a soldier try to organize their life during the war. Their movements, their thoughts, their voices are permeated by the word “war” and give the word meaning, even if they don’t want to. And eventually “war” devalues their own meaning. She and he in a house full of memories. Everything but the bed and some images is destroyed. It’s autumn and sadness fills the air. She is standing in this mess. He is ready to leave in his military uniform.

Scenario of Love tells about love and sadness in times of war. He wants to leave the army and escape to unknown harbours. In love for his country as many Iraqi soldiers. A country  where love for the fatherland is reduced to love for the leader.

But his sacrifice means that he leaves behind his beloved, what she cannot understand. Scenario of love tells about painful choices which many Iraqis had to make as a result of the many wars in their country. A story  where desertion becomes a patriotically action and escape a brave action.

Première on 19th of April 2012  in Teater Bastionen (Malmö)

Direction: Hassan Khayoon
Actors: Ala Houssein
Rayam Al Jazairi
Text: Aoutif Naim
Dramaturgy: Niclas Sandström
Light: tbc
Sound: Johan Clymans
Montage: Hamdan Saray

Production: Moussem and Teater Foratt (Malmö)

With the support of the European Union