“Waiting” a research project curated by Mokhallad Rasem (BE).

“Waiting” a research project curated by Mokhallad Rasem (BE). This actor-director has been working as a director in the National Theatre of Bagdad but he lives and works in Belgium since 2006. His first major direction in Belgium ’Iraqi Ghosts’ was selected for the 2010 Flemish Theatre Festival as one of the eleven most remarkable productions. During the recent wars in his country surrealism and reality became one in an explosive clash of different realities through the incredible violence and growing alienation.
That’s why in this project he asks 4 other artists to reflect in each 20 minutes on “waiting”, based also on Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot / Attendant Godot”. Rasem met all the artists trough his tours with ‘Iraqi Ghosts’ in Europe and selected them on the base of whose work interested him. So besides himself, Youssouf Abbas (NL), Milan Vracar (RS) Gökhan Girginol (BE) and Lotte van den Berg (BE/NL) will direct each one part. Compiling these interdependent productions Rasem will offer us a one-night festival where the views of different producers are crossed in an attempt to make the audience experience what waiting can mean for any of us.
Waiting will at last be a splendid confrontation.

From and with:
Mokhallad Rasem (BE) (also idea, concept and general direction)
Youssouf Abbas (NL) 
Milan Vracar & Kristian Al Droubi (RS)
Gökhan Girginol (BE)
Lotte van den Berg (BE/NL)
Production : Moussem in cooperation with Toneelhuis &  Association Kulturanova

Waiting, a one-night festival to be seen on Saturday 8th of June 2013 in Toneelhuis - Antwerp (BE) and on Sunday 16th of June in Bitef - Belgrado (RS).